Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lunch Box Wisdom 25 Nov 2015... Ode to my Muse

Lunch Box Wisdom 25 Nov 2015...

Today I would like to offer an Ode to my Muse... Wonder Woman... AKA Wendy Alexandre :-)

As the pen behind all my Lunch Bow Wisdom notes, she inspires me to live a better, more full filling life. I am Infrastructure and Middleware Architect ( Scott, AKA Pig, may be the only guy who gets what that is ) and most of that work is deeply technical and pretty dry. So having her, our family, and our amazing group of friends makes my life so much fun! 

She is not your topical kinda gal. She has quite the personality and she is happy to tell you all about it. She is loud and outgoing, but still soft and assuming at times.... OK maybe soft is a bad word.   But she has tender feelings just like every one else.  Even if she would rather punch then hug ;-)  She is all sorts of people all in one person...  Biker, Pinup, Professional, Coach, Mother, Wife, and on and on. Somewhere in all of what she does, she finds time to send me a note each day.  Not just any note, but one that inspires and shows love not just for me, but to anyone that will take the time to stop and read it.  

She is deep and makes me think.  Some times when I don't want too.  She challenges me to be more then I was the day before. She is competitive and wont let you give up.  Even when you don't think you have more energy, she can inspire you to dig deep and find the desire to keep going.   And then she will tease you about it later. She is plateful at times and makes you laugh so hard you can't breath. And then she can touch your heart so deeply sometimes that you want cry.  All that wrapped up in this rockin' body ;-)

I started sharing her notes to me over a year ago on social media.  I got such a great response to those notes and I kept on sharing.  I framed some of my favorites and put them up in our home with a note of my own saying how much I love her.  Now I have this blog I use to talk about her notes make me feel.  And I get to share some inspiration with others. 

Today is her Birthday and she is turning 40. I am so happy that I get to spend at least another 40 years with her.  I hope I have what it takes to survive... Just kidding.  I know I got this.  I picked her because I knew she could keep up with me and my need to adventure, travel, and inspire others.  We make a pretty good team.  I love you Wendy girl!

Have a great day folks! Remember, I believe in you :-)
~ Lost sends...

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  1. You love her! Therefore we love her too. I enjoy her wisdoms! THANKS TO MRS. SHANE!