Monday, March 21, 2016

Lunch Box Wisdom 21 March 2016...

Lunch Box Wisdom 21 March 2016...

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. " ~ Epicurus

Do you ever feel your self sucked into keeping up with Jones?  I do.  Its the entire premise of Apples's marketing strategy for the IPhone. Lets face it, the latest model does not really do much more then the last one. But your friends are getting one... so you have to have one right? No we don't, but some how we think we do.   

I am just as guilty as any one.  I work in the IT field and we are constantly balancing between the new, flashy tech and the old, simple tech that no one wants to let go of.  We try to life cycle people off their side-by printers that they just can't let go of.  All the while they are asking if they can get and IPad they can take it into meetings with them.  I am that one IT guy in the office that asks the real question no one wants to answer... "Why do you need and IPad in the staff meeting?  Aren't you supposed to pay attention so the meeting can end on time?"  Yes they hate me... until they can't access their e-mail or Facebook... then the NEED me :-)  I do like to be needed.

Here is the rub though, a new device or toy or car does not make you happy.  Not long term anyway. And that new thing may cost more then you should spend.  Sure you can just pay payments... but do you really need that one thing so bad that you have to finance it?  And then promise to pay for the next 3 or 4 years? 

I challenge you to look closely at your things... all that stuff you paid so much for.  If you lost your job today and knew It would be three months or more before you had a steady job again, would all that stuff matter as much?  My guess is you might think very differently about all your stuff, and might even start to value the people in your life way more then the stuff.  Give it a try... I believe in your ability to sift though it all and learn what you really enjoy!  

Have a great day folks! 
~ Lost sends...