Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lunch Box Wisdom 24 Nov 2015...

Lunch Box Wisdom 24 Nov 2015...

"A simple life is its own reward." 

What is a simple life to you?  If you were to try and boil down the essence of what simple living really is, what are some of the things you would let go of?  And would letting go of those things help you to find more peace in your life?  There are lots of things I would love to let go of and I really feel that would make my life much simpler and much more peaceful. 

If there is something in your life that does not serve your ultimate goal of peace or success, why keep it?  Every one has baggage.  Some more then others for sure, but do you really need all that stuff?  Do you really need to hold on to that one time that Susie poked you in the eye in front of everyone and made you feel less manly... really?  I am guessing Susie does not even remember poking you in the eye even why she did it.  Plus Susie grew up... maybe you should too :-)  

We all hold onto things.  Sometimes way longer then we should.  One could argue to me, do you really need two motor cycles?  I would argue yes... but that means I have to suffer the consequence of that decision to hoard bikes.  Yes I do get the joy of ride variety, but I suffer the cost of double insurance, double maintenance, double the storage spaces used in winter, and twice the winter blues... AKA PMS ( Parked Motorcycle Syndrome ).  I have to decide if it is worth it to me, and if I can carry that responsibility. 

So that's the rub, what is the cost, both physical and emotional, to those things you are holding on to? Letting go can be a freeing experience. Growing often means you have to let go of things and people from your past.   Wendy likes to say, " No Poison People." And she is right... poison people add to the baggage you carry.  You are not a pack horse or a mule, no matter what your significant other may say... you can't carry every one.  

A quick side story... in Basic training we had one fellow that was falling behind.  He had some family issues he would not let go of.  He would bring them up a lot, and he was always feeding his negative self image.  We took pity on him and we carried him though a rough section of his training.  No one gets left behind right?  True to a point.  You see... he would not let go of his baggage and we had to carry him and that baggage.  Our DI saw what was happening and he gave us word of warning, but he let us make the decision.  Later when we were in live fire exercises the man we took pity on faltered, and he expected every one to take care of him again.  We tried to, but because we carried him before he did not have the strength needed to finish the exercise.  We set him up to fail and for our entire squad to fail. When some one will not help them selves the time comes when you have to let them suffer the consequences of their own choices... lighten your load and simplify your life in that moment. No one gets left behind, so long as they give their all. I learned that day that some baggage will drag you down and must be cut free. Cutting it free will allow you and your crew to live to fight another day. 

So what are you holding onto?  What do you need to let go of?  Only you know what you can really carry and what will really serve you.  Take the time to evaluate those you spend time with and make the decision that will free not just you, but that friend who needs to cut their own baggage loose.  You can do it! I believe in you ;-)

Have a great day folks!
~ Lost sends...

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