Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Lunch Box Wisdom 4 Dec 2019...

Lunch Box Wisdom 4 Dec 2019...

" Anything is possible if you build the right habits. " 

Jeff Olsen's book " The Slight Edge " describes this principle perfectly and is one of the key factors in why we started this whole daily note practice in the first place. Lunch Box Wisdoms is our small simple habit that has brought so much joy to us and those who these notes reach.

Every day Wendy finds a note and shares it with me. Then we both share it again with our family and friends on social media. Then we also share it here on the blog.  

Some folks share the note when they see it and then some of those fokks share it too. Eventually the note reaches who needs it that day. If only one person laughs, feels inspried, or just enjoys the note then we have done what we set out to do. 

Let this one habit of ours grow and inspire others. Maybe you can adopt a habit that spreads joy too. It certainly makes my days much brighter to share. And who knows... maybe it will for you and the ones you share it with too. 

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