Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Lunch Box Wisdom 31 Dec 2019...

Lunch Box Wisdom 31 Dec 2019...

" You need 3 things to change your life.
- Strong ha its
- Hard work
- Consistancy "

With this being the last note of 2019 I wanted to take a moment to ponder and be thankful for all we learned from this year.  

We have had the biggest response to these notes ever! With people contacting us to tell us about the impact a simple little note has had for them. Some people feeling deeply inspired or others feeling positively motivated. Best of all, people just laughing  along with us. 

It truly warms my heart to know how a note can reach so many people in so many different ways. Thank you all for sharing this journey through life with us. And thank you so much for sharing your stories too!

You never know how your own story could inspire another. Keep it up folks! 

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