Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lunch Box Wisdom 6 Jan 2017...

Lunch Box Wisdom 6 Jan 2017...

"Be kind to unkind people. Often they need it most."

When I read this I think of the people that are very picky about their food, or quick to correct any mistake you make, or overly critical of your work.  These folks are often the ones that have been hurt one to many times by some one close to them. Either by a parent or another loved one.  So they put up walls to protect them selves and forget how to relate to another's pain. 

Some times the kindness you show will be the thing that melts a frozen heart.  Look at the Grinch... the ultimate grumpy neighbor. His heart was melted by seeing no matter how cruel he became, the Who's in Who-vile would still be kind.  He was over come and made the decision to be better to others.  Now that is not going to happen every time, or it might not happen at all.  But you could be the first step in the process of helping some one learn to love again.  

Take the time to do something simple and kind for some one you know.  Don't look for thanks or praise... just show kindness and let that be enough.  The seed you sow may grow and flourish... and it might not.  But you will feel warm in side.  Trust me ;-)  

You can do this, I believe in you.

~Lost Sends...

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