Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lunch Box Wisdom 24 Oct 2016...

Lunch Box Wisdom 24 Oct 2016... 

"Your words of encouragement could be the spark that pushes a person forward. "

What were your words to a loved one this morning?  Did you uplift them?  Did you compliment them on their choices? Did you leave them with a feeling of security and love? It only takes a small bit of encouragement to propel someone towards a great day, a great victory, or simply put a smile on their face.  I think we tend to gravitate towards what we focus on... be-little or degrade someone they will feel little, unworthy and unloved. Offer them positive reinforcement and they will achieve more then you could ever imagine. 

We have all heard stories of when some one was kind and offered encouraging words to a stranger and later learned those simple words turned the tide of sadness and they decided not to end their life.  Words have power and kindness can overcome great odds. 

So I challenge you to offer encouragement to some one today.  Tell them they can do it, what ever it is, and you just might see the light in their eyes brighten.  You might even feel warmth in your own heart and find the spark you need to take the next step your self.

Remember, I believe in you
~ Lost sends...

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