Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lunch Box Wisdom 10 December 2015...

Lunch Box Wisdom 10 December 2015... a little late ;-)

"Happiness is always an inside job!" 

An inside job... meaning its up to you.  Yes you.  Not your partner, not your mother, not your dog... but I am sure when the is dog is so happy to see you that he or she can hardly control them selves ... it does help.  Opie and Seth even smile at me when I come home.  Sure it looks like they are snarling, but the vigorous tail wagging gives them away.  Pets may be an exception to that statement :-)

The point being that you are responsible for your happiness.  It is a choice you make and no one can make the choice for you. You can face each of the challenges in your life with a joy filled heart or one that is full of anger and malice. Anger will only lead to more anger. But when you choose to be happy, you will find happiness right there in the same place you would have found anger before.  And then your happy thoughts will lead to more happy thoughts.  

This where most folks start to scoff and make faces at me. They say things like, " No one is happy all the time," or "everyone gets angry."  And for the most part they are right, but with a very subtle difference... Act vs. React... or more bluntly being contributor instead of the victim. I would encourage you to take on the role of the contributor and be the key to your own happiness. Decide to be the architect of your own destiny, the hero of your own life story.  You can do it, I believe in you :-)

Have a great day folks! 
~ Lost sends...

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