Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lunch Box Wisdom 1 Dec 2015...

Lunch Box Wisdom 1 Dec 2015...

" Don't look back, you're not going that way!"

Have you heard the phrase, One step forward and two steps back," or is it " Two steps forward and one step back."  Either way, why are we stepping backwards?  One reason may be the propensity we have for looking back... or second guessing in some cases. Even to the point where we wonder if we should be moving forward at all.  That is so counter productive.  We have to stop doing that!

When I was a young boy my father used to say, "measure twice and cut once."   Notice he did not say "Son, cut that thing, stress over if its right and then cut it again if its wrong.  And then if its still not right, quit."  No, he said measure twice and then cut.  What I think that means is to take a good look ahead of your self and make a plan. Not plan and plan and plan... just make a plan and check it.  Not Check, check, recheck, ask your friends to check, and then re-plan if they don't like it. instead Plan, Check, and then DO!  You must take a step forward. All the planning in the world does you absolutely no good if you don't act. 

Once you act, you continue to Plan, Check, Do, but in a forward motion.  Yes you will have set backs and mistakes. But that is all part of the fun, and the only way to learn. Don't stress over past mistakes or over past decisions. If you are looking back you can't see where you're headed, and you will slow down or even turn around and loose focus on the goal. I mention baggage often in my posts and this is one of those opportunities to let go of it. Stop looking back at your baggage and going back to pick it up.  Put it down, let it go and move forward.  

Here is a example...  when you drive, ride a horse, walk, or ride a bike you have to look where you are going. Your body or actions will follow where you look or focus. When you take a curve on a bike you look into the and your bike follow where you are looking( Captain Crash shows us how ).  If you take your eyes off the road to look behind you, you are likely to crash. The same is true of your life. Eyes up and looking toward your goals or you will surely miss them. You will find your life much more enjoyable focusing forward I promise. You can do it, I believe in you!

Have a great day folks! ~ Lost sends...

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