Friday, November 16, 2018

Lunch Box Wisdom 16 Nov 2018...

Lunch Box Wisdom 16 Nov 2018...

" I'm not a control freak, I just know how to fold a towel the right way. You can't just start folding all willy-nilly, like some sort of linen rebel."

OK, This one makes me laugh so much!  How do you fold your towels?  Are they all the same? Do you just toss them in on the shelf?  I have a detailed process.  I have to blame / give credit to my mother and the USAF for teaching me there is a specific way to fold a towel.  

Now my daughter,  bless her heart,  was not ready for this when she started helping me fold ( sorry Sandra ).  She had always done it her moms way, and I thought I would help and show her how I did it. I am still not sure if she just wanted to be nice or if she really wanted to learn my way, but she was a good sport. So I showed her the cadet E method.... several times... with details... and lots of retries. Poor kid.  She had been sucked into my slightly OCD world.  The Great Sport she is... she endured every description and put up with me refolding them over and over.  
Now that she is grown and on her own, I wonder if she still folds this way. She might avoid it with every fiber of her being now.  I should stop by her apartment and ask to see her towels.  Some how that sounds weird now that I say it out loud...LOL. 

The great thing is my wife gets it.  So much so that she even showed me an improvement to my method so all the edges are strait and tucked in.   What a good sport right?  She gets several Good Wife points for that one.  Its funny how little things like that can turn into a great Fun Friday post.  

My life is good :-) 

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