Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Lunch Box Wisdom 21 Aug 2018...

Lunch Box Wisdom 21 Aug 2018...

" Dogs never lie about love. "

Dogs are the best!  They just love you unconditionally.  My dog Opie actually smiles when I get home.  It looks like a once sided growl, but his tail is wagging so hard you know he is happy.  He knows he gets a treat when I get home, so he runs in the kitchen and waits.  If you pick him up he will cover your face with licks.  He is such a good dog.  

Now if you make him upset, he lets you know too.  He has no ability to lie or hide his feelings.  He loves to sleep on the bottom bunk of my sons bunk beds.  If you try to move him he growls at you ... if you keep trying he will nip at you.  He loves Zach and likes to keep and eye on my son until he falls asleep.  Then Opie trots down the steps and sleeps on my bed until morning.  In the morning he wags his tail and leads you to the steps.  If you ask him what he wants, he just whines and waits at the steps.  He wants to go wake up Zach and you can see it in his face.  Its so cute because once we get up the steps, he bounces on the bottom bunk until you lift him up onto Zach's bed so he can lick Zach awake. 

Its that pure unselfish nature of dogs that can make me forget all the other nonsense for a while and just play.  Opie isn't the only one.  Before Seth passed away he would smile too.  Even our cat Selena lets you know she misses you by rubbing her furry face on yours until you scratch her cheeks. 

We recently got another dog. Her name is Mavis and she is a Shih Tzu. We named her after Mavis Freestone from the J.D. Robb books. She was shy at first, but now that she has been around Opie, she is picking up some of the habits. She dose the usual tricks like sit and shake, but no smiles yet. I think she gets too excited right now, because when we get home she jumps every place... on us, on Opie, on the furniture. Her happy just makes her crazy all over... hence the name. If you read the books you know why.  She has learned the joy of riding in the Jeep too.  She and Opie think riding with the windows down is the only way to ride. 

I hope you get to feel the love of a dog or another pet.  Its the purest from of love... they can't lie about it.  Here is hoping you can love like a dog some day too. 

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