Monday, January 8, 2018

Lunch Box Wisdom 7 Jan 2018...

Lunch Box Wisdom 7 Jan 2018...

"Its a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy... let's go exploring!"
~Calvin n Hobbes ( Bill Waterson)

I remember when I was a kid looking forward to long weekends.  Not for parties or a big get together, but for the opportunity to wander and explore.  Granted we lived in a small town in eastern Idaho right on the Snake river ( St. Anthony, ID ).  So there were lots of open spaces just out side of town.  You could follow the river or any number of  creeks and irrigation canals off into the woods or out onto the sand dunes.. The vast majority of the landscape is sage brush covered prairie, but if you had the desire and a good sense of adventure you could find all sorts of places to explore.

The little town its self has a interesting history and used to have some old buildings with great charm. From prohibition tunnels and an old starch factory to old brick city buildings and memorial statues St Anthony held a lot of character. The city park that is pretty much and island. And every year the city host a free Fisher Man's breakfast in the park. There was plenty for me and my friends to explore. Fish right in the park, swim at the Sand Bar in the summer.  It was a great place to grow up.

Even when we got older we would swap our bicycles for dirt bikes and play on the dunes all weekend,  or in the winter we could ride our snow machines all over the dry farms. Every teen-aged weekend was filled with thoughts of how far out there can we get before we got lost or run out of gas. Imagine all the pictures if we had cell phone cameras back then. 

So much has changed there.  The town is not 100% the same, but I hold fond memories of me and my cousins exploring all along the river with a back pack full of sandwiches and chips. It was like Middle Earth every Summer. We were Hobbits some years, and Freemen from Dune other years. Even floating the river down from the north eastern bridge to the park was filled with stories of the creatures from the deep water or dinosaurs in our imagination that were trapped on the small islands.

Enjoy your part of the world.  Slow down and see the hidden treasures when ever you can.  Things will change and we will age along with the land. Treasure the moments and go Exploring! 

~Lost Sends...

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