Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lunch Box Wisdom 22 Dec 2017...

Lunch Box Wisdom 22 Dec 2017...

"The hardest step you will ever take is to blindly trust in who you are."

Ever wonder why its so hard to just believe in our selves or simply trust our selves?  I do... I wonder often what makes so many people doubt them selves. 

Is it the constant barrage from friends, media, or haters always poking at us? Or are we just prone to this feeling of not being enough?  I struggle sometimes with not feeling like I am worth attention or not worth the effort of others. What ever it is that triggers this sort of feeling, remember this... it is not true.

You are worthy of trust.  You are worthy of love, attention, and simple compassion. But you must choose to trust your self and treat your self with kindness and caring.  People will treat you how you let them, and they see how to treat you by how you treat yourself.  Your everyday self speak will show in your actions and other will pick up on it and treat you in kind. 

So stop treating your self so badly.  Love you self... trust your self.  You are the only you that you have.  You are unique, wonderful and so very worthy of trust.  Now treat your self as trustworthy. It will change how you see your self and how others see you as well. 

You got this!  I believe in you. 

~Lost Sends...

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